Pneumatic breaking status indicator and break displays

To examine and monitor railway vehicle break status Szakálfém LLC. has developed and manufactures pneumatic break display devices. The dual-position display device can indicate several operating status:
  • indicates the disengaged or engaged status of the break cylinders with spring force storage,
  • indicates the disengaged or engaged status of the break cylinders,
  • indicates the hand break status (disengaged or engaged) on vehicles with disk break,
  • indicates the breaking status (empty – loaded) of cars with automatic empty load device.

It is recommended to use three-position display device to examine and monitor break status on railway cars with disk brakes. One window of the breaking status indicator displays the hand break status, while the other indicates the released brake status with the appropriate pictograms and colors. Green means released, red means engaged status while breaking operates with air pressure. In case of pressureless air tank a special white table indicates that the vehicle hand brake must be checked.
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